ADB  is an international and successfull company, was founded in 1995, it means 27 years trak record in technology solutions for Broadcast and Broadband Operators.

The HQ is in Geneva, and the global AD team is around 350 persons, 75% Engineers!


Our Vision: Wireless Gigabit Network in Every Home and Enterprise

Our Mission: ADB aims to create modern wireless systems for home and business, to help our customers (Operators) to deliver their video & broadband services reliably and in a cost-effective manner, ensuring excellent return on their investments, with simultaneous superior consumers satisfaction.


Our goal  is to deliver solutions that “just work” by focusing on the following operational pillars:


  • Easy Installation
  • Smooth delivery of any content over Wi-Fi, in particular, video
  • Easy monitoring and troubleshooting that reduces customer support and eliminates unnecessary truck roll  

ADB knows that these goals can only be achieved with a global system approach. To that end, ADB developed technologies to ensure that ADB devices and software converge perfectly to deliver the best customer experience available.

We call this full-system approach ADB Gigabit Home and Enterprise.

We recognize that operators invest heavily in infrastructure to bring gigabit bandwidth to consumers’ homes and offices. ADB Gigabit Home and Enterprise ensures that the services delivered through this gigabit infrastructure are enjoyed to their fullest potential.

We are a full solution provider: 

– Multi-level and milti platform frontend software

– Video and Broadband CPEs

– Integration with 3rd parties

– Operator Backend system


As a company existing on the market for 27 years, we’ve built long history of success and influenced our local communities.
We benefit from our local life. We are proud to be part of it and we want to bring value to others and to places where we are located!

And we have fun together ! 

We cultivate the culture of respect and dignity.
We create great atmosphere at work and
We are also friends having fantastic time together outside the office!




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