ILPEA GROUP: global leader in the design and manufacturing of plastic, magnetic and rubber components.

Founded in 1960 in Malgesso, ILPEA grew steadily year by year and opened 33 plant all over the world, spanning over all time zones from East to West.

Our core expertise is the extrusion of plastic, rubber and magnetic components for 3 main product applications: home appliance, automotive and building.

ILPEA’s mission is to pursue excellence in the innovation of materials, product design and manufacturing processes, which we achieve thanks to the professional skills of our diversified and constantly trained team.


ILPEA’s winning strategy has always been to open plants near its customers so to benefit from a logistic advantage and offer an excellent service, such as our “just-in-time” logistic approach.

Our unique fully integrated business model allows us to maximize productivity, offering competitive price & excellent know how. Our team of engineers fully supports our customers by quickly suggesting solutions and developing products to meet their needs, through co-designing techniques, to achieve the best quality and cost-efficient products.


ILPEA continues to pursue its winning strategy of global expansion and quality excellence that has made it a market leader, whilst being true to its founding values of transparency and continuity in its business management, conducting environmentally friendly manufacturing activities and guaranteeing workplace safety and wellness for its employees, in accordance with the tenets set forth in the company’s Code of Ethics.




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Progettazione e realizzazione di componenti in materiali plastici, magnetici e di gomma.