Marzo 21, 2022

High energy costs bring the plastics processing industry to its knees with risks throughout the supply chain and significant impacts on other industries such as food, construction, healthcare and automotive

The alarm of Unionplast, the Association part of Federazione Gomma Plastica


Milano, 21 marzo 2022 – Unionplast, an Association representing Italian companies involved in the processing of plastics within Confindustria, a sector of great importance in the national manufacturing system, second only to Germany in the European context, is very concerned about the dramatic situation caused by high energy prices.

“The energy price crisis is also seriously affecting the plastics processing industry, a highly energy-intensive sector with more than 5,000 companies, more than 100,000 employees, and of essential support for other strategic industrial sectors of the country such as food, construction, healthcare and automotive.” This is the alarm cry of Marco Bergaglio, President of Unionplast.

This energy shock is compounded by problems related to the shortage of raw materials, which started last year and is now intensified by the war in Ukraine, with unfortunately significant impacts both on the costs of raw materials and on their availability, also due to the growing problems in the entire global logistics chain.

“The uncontrolled rise in energy costs and the growing difficulty of sourcing raw materials – continues Bergaglio – is a deadly mix for our industry and creates the real risk of not being able to meet the demands of our customers, companies operating in industrial sectors with a strong impact on the final consumer. This situation has inevitable consequences also on the prices of our products, in order not to suffer heavy losses that would endanger the companies of the sector. ”


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